Sunday, 2 August 2015

Feeding racism

We, Europeans, are getting it all wrong. Once again. We don't seem to learn from the lessons of the past, do we? Does this mean that civilizational progress cannot resist to general stupidity and ignorance? Or just means that History is bound to repeat itself, over and over again? Impossible to say but the fact is that this recent invasion of the continent by African immigrants and Middle Eastern refugees is being sold to the European public opinion as an indirect assault to the lifestyle and wellbeing of our societies. Is that so?

You see, the message we are being transmitted by the media is that the problem is on those that arrive to our shores or walk through our lands. We, poor victims of such an intrusion, we have no role to play but to suffer and curse those that disturb the normal flow of our lives. The natural result of such mindset is that racism is being spoon fed to the zombified masses. The question is: why is this only news NOW? For decades several countries in Europe have been sponsoring  wave after wave of migrants (coming mostly from former colonies) and political refugees, from neighbouring countries. This is the genesis of the problem that nobody is talking about.

The reality is that all this people wants to come to Europe because they heard that some states will sponsor their entry into a life of little effort and big benefit. Why have they heard this? Because that's exactly what has been happening for many years in those countries: you have a better chance of making it as a refugee than as an European citizen coming from a peripheral country. And that's what is fundamentally wrong: bad immigration policies are the root of the problem, not those desperate souls that arrive every day.

We, Europeans, should force the politicians that we elect to change those policies. We should force them to be less politically correct and more effective on the way how they protect their nations and the whole continent. Europe as a unique cultural matrix that needs to be preserved. That can be done not by being racist and xenophobic but by having rational policies for immigration fluxes and integration of those that we accept in our societies. But most of all, what we have to assure is that those that arrive from other continents are not better treated or helped than the Europeans themselves. If we don't do that, we will certainly show that we have not learned the lessons from the past.

We cannot afford such mistakes.

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