Saturday, 22 August 2015

Double hysteria

In some Eastern Europe EU countries there is a double hysteria going on:

- The first concerns the media propaganda relentlessly proclaiming the idea that the borders of their countries are pilling up with migrants or refugees that want to take over their cities and societies;

- The second concerns the political biased acceptance of those migrants following criterias of color, religion and cultural background. It's turning very fast into blatant xenophobia. Will it stop with the refugees or will it spread to the refusal of any type of foreign elements?

You see, dear reader, xenophobia is a serious disease that cannot be controlled within certain parameters and that has the capacity to spread itself extremely quickly. When the States and the media bring the seed of xenophobic behaviour into their populations, they are opening a Pandora's box, with unpredictable consequences.

The Count does not share the views that we, Europeans, should open our doors wide open to every single one that seeks shelter in our lands. However, this doesn't mean that we should curse everyone that does it and mistreat them, while not even trying to solve the problem.

And it is a problem: we have crowds of people that are trying to get into Europe, coming mostly from Africa and the Middle East. A solution must be found that treats these crowds with the respect that every human deserves but that, at the same time, preserves and safeguards the European mentality and culture.

What is not a solution is to propagate the idea that all of these migrants are radical muslims that want to set the continent on fire. This is what the media have been doing, in a more or less disguised manner. This type of speculative information cannot be mainstream in civilized countries.

What is also not a solution is to have EU countries "cherry picking" what "type" of migrants they are willing to take inside their borders. The European project is not one where you chose to take the benefits and try to avoid your duties. If you only want to keep the "good refugees" that means that some other EU country will have to take the "bad refugees". That's not what the Union is about and some Eastern Europe political leaders should know this by now: either you are fully in or you are fully out. There is no middle term.

Hysterias are never positive, especially if fomented by those that have responsibilities to inform and to rule. Any decisions or policies instigated by such  exalted states of mind can easily backfire and turn the populations against their authors. What Europe needs is skilfull negotiators and statesmen with an elevated mindset of what the European ideal represents and how it should be defended. Not some tabloid broadcasters and narrow minded politicians. .

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