Monday, 3 August 2015

An expensive selfie

She had no specific skills for the job but she applied anyway. Besides her native language she knew English quite well and that could be a decisive upper hand. From another perspective, her good looks were always an advantage to impress the corporate hiring manager. After a couple of interviews, she got that entry level job in the multinational American company and she was happy about it. Yes, her boss looked a little bit nerdy and old fashioned but she was certain that her charm would contribute for a tranquil period, while settling in her new functions.

Her work was not too complex but required accuracy and focus. She found it boring and uninteresting. However, the position gave her a relatively good salary and for a provincial girl that had recently moved to the country´s capital, that income was crucial. Besides that, she was in permanent contact with other departments and her hopes of getting herself a different position wouldn't be dashed easily. 

Her old fashioned boss put her through some hard times: she was not punctual and committed regular mistakes, so he forced her to give the time back to the company and to go through a performance improvement program. What a nuisance! She was, however, certain that her charms would catch the attention of some other manager and she would be able to move forward quite quickly. Her jealous female colleagues whispered that she looked too "slutty and easy" but she would have none of that. "All weapons are legal in a war" she would think to herself.

Well, her strategy seemed to work: she was able to move to another position - a lateral move but more prestigious (and she got rid of the annoying boss). Her time there was equally tumultuous but once again her charm seemed to work and she finally managed to rise in the career ladder: she became an auditor, with just barely 3 years in the company. Her skills had not developed exponentially but her drooling boss seemed to provide the guaranty needed for a stable future. 

The future looked bright indeed until the moment that our heroine made an elementary mistake: always eager to cultivate her ego and a fan of social media (and smartphones), she took a selfie at work. Nothing extraordinary, you would think. Well, the issue was that behind her, quite visible in the wall, was some company confidential information. She barely noticed it while posting her glorious picture in her most popular social media page. Regretfully,she was fired the next day, certainly denounced by one of her jealous colleagues. A "brilliant" career brought suddenly to an end.

And so the corporates of this world progress...   

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  1. as we say... karma zdarma....karma is for free :D