Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Like the melancholic wander by the lovesick man in Wilhelm Müller's Winterreise, so beautifully set into music by Franz Schubert, the search for a labour market where skills and experience are assessed regardless of the EU country one comes from, where one is not utterly feel unwelcome by virtue of being The Other, and where the quality of life is reasonable, seems more and more doomed to partial and utter failure.

Eventually one has to settle down somewhere, making compromises to reach a decent life -if one is lucky enough. One always remains more exposed to potential unemployment, to bad mood by civil servants, to daily offhand jokes.

The endless nomad gets used to wake up to experts in the media making intra-EU immigrants the scapegoat for any failing social service in that country.

O unbarmherz'ge Schenke,

Doch weisest du mich ab ?
Nun weiter denn, nur weiter,
Mein treuer Wanderstab !

(Oh, merciless inn, you turn me away ?

Well, onward then, still further, my loyal walking staff !)

Often, one gets tired, packs up and leaves, at least until one becomes too old to do so: 8 years in a country working hard, investing your private money in education, your time in learning the language, not costing a single penny to the State... to be called a tourist by someone sitting one meter from you for several years ...

But wait a second! Wilhem Müller again:

Klagen ist für Toren
(Complaining is for fools)

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