Wednesday, 22 July 2015

What G* was told

G* holds a double university degree in Architecture (Italy) and Design (London).

G* was living in Amsterdam, Netherlands. One of those countries widely regarded as a model of tolerance, and expert at market itself as such.

G* had to leave the country for a few months to be with a close relative that was dying.
When coming back, she found something has changed. Her job applications were going nowhere.

She spoke Dutch and had successful experience as an architect for several Dutch studios.
Surprised about one rejection in particular, she wanted to know the reasons behind, and someone, naively, told her the truth.

"You have to be really good, under equal merits we will always choose a fellow Dutch candidate".

Among all the noise about the difficult integration of Moroccans in the Netherlands, who is interested in G*'s story?

Count Grigori can tell many stories about the true face of the job market for EU immigrants in that country.

What we have seen, since 2012 at least, is many job ads where residence in the Netherlands is a mandatory prerequisite to apply (which is illegal as far as we know) and where perfect Dutch was a requisite for a job to be done in English...

Do EU Commissioners for Labour and Discrimination read Dutch job ads? Do they really care about G*, a long EU taxpayer?

We do not fail to wonder what that illustrious Dutch citizen, Baruch Spinoza, would have thought about such cases.

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