Wednesday, 22 July 2015

We do not like arrogant people...

Some stories from the otherwise wonderful city of Praha.

A vacancy opened in a Customer Centre operation (Baron von Trotta is, sadly, not alien to such contemporary horrors). The only foreigner in the team said "they told me not to apply because the job will go to a Czech as this is their country. But they are mostly nice people and I am friends with them, they never treated me badly."

A person posted in an Internet board for expats: "we do not want arrogant foreigners who tell us what to do here".

Heard in Roztyly metro station: "... they take our jobs" by a lady to an American visitor friend.

Told to a Czech beauty in Újezd tram stop's across the Petřín funicular: "Why do you have a foreign boyfriend, are we not good enough for you?"

Yes, we need to be humble,friendly, overzealous, take orders,become small, speak the local language within 5 minutes of landing, just to avoid drawing the heat.

Or end up like the main character in George Simenon's novel Monsieur Hire (1933), made to a decent film by Patrice Leconte 49 years later.

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