Thursday, 16 July 2015

The ship of fools

These are not easy days for Baron von Trotta.

To make matters worse, the impossibility to leave the discomfort of the intense heat in his beloved Vienna for the coolness of the family hunting lodge in the Böhmerwald is not helping him to have a clear mind to write these posts.

And that despite the thick walls and high ceilings of his Herrengasse flat, the new bespoke summer cotton/linen suit from Zum Jockey Club and the endless charms of summer nights in der Wiener Prater.

These days, when news manage to reach the Baron, melancholy seizes him in the semi-darkness of his study.

Recently returned from Paris, it is that famous painting hanging in the Louvre, The Ship of Fools, that he has in mind when he considers the future of the EU. This moribund continent did not learn anything in 1918, 1945 or 2015.

Petty politics, petty masses, incompetent leaders, propaganda and hidden greed running amok in media leading that monster of public opinion to reveal the worst of mankind, hate and fear hardly disguised, and a suicidal provincialism.

There is no place in this world any longer for men like the Baron. But he refuses to give up. Better to die defending the virtues of his kind, than turned into another Rhinocéros ...

Europe, EU: a ship of fools, from Plato to Bosch to Baroja to the days of Grexit ...

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