Wednesday, 22 July 2015

It is really everywhere ...

One does not have to search very thoroughly, really.

One example of xenophobic filth -under the far-too-easy banner of tasteless English banter- can be found in what was supposed to be just the professional review of a bad car:

How many people will read this and repeat those words of ignorance and hate?

In this yet-again grey late spring morning, one immediately think of the late Jean-François Revel's La Connaissance inutile, that eye-opening masterpiece that remains a cult -we really mean damned, or conveniently forgotten- merciless depiction of a world where knowledge has never been so easily available, and prejudice so rife. Monsieur Revel, unfortunately, left this valley of tears way too soon.

S'il vous plaît, Mesdames et Monsieurs, plus de Revel et moins de Clarkson!

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