Friday, 24 July 2015

Hang them high!!

“Hang them high!!”, “Foreigners out!” were some of the slogans heard this week in a rally in Bratislava, capital of the Slovak Republic. The reason for the protest is one well known: Slovaks don’t want their government to take part in the EU effort to address the influx of immigrants that is arriving daily to the European Mediterranean shores and from the human traffic land routes with origin in the Middle East.

The gathering had many normal citizens participating, essentially families concerned with the future of their children. Unfortunately, it was partially hijacked by Neo Nazis, mostly youngsters alienated by propaganda and little use of the doped brain. They wanted violence and “Slovakia for Slovaks!” I presume that these sorrow excuses for human beings are all wearing local clothes, eating local food, driving local cars, working in local companies and watching local movies only! If not, then their words sound even more stupid than the looks of their authors. They don’t deserve too much attention…or do they?
Why normal families would share a rally with Nazis? Well, the basic concern is legitimate: refugees tend to be better taken care of by EU governments than the care that is provided to their own citizens. It’s a shameful truth that makes less sense in periods of crisis and economic difficulties. The multicultural and “moral obligation” values pushed forward by the “human rights brigade” has made the EU space one where its better to be an African refugee than an EU immigrant. Thats not acceptable and the authorities need to change those policies or Europe may sink into easy extremisms.
On the other hand, EU citizens must understand that the European ideal is not one to be “cherry picked”. Either you are in or you are not. Either you share common responsibilities or you are out! The EU is not a supermarket of benefits without duties. The EU is not to be used “À la carte”, where you chose whatever is convenient and reject whatever is problematic. It seems clear that many EU citizens still do not understand the idea behind this community and because of that its also legitimate to think that now the protests may be against Africans and Muslims but soon they can be against Spanish, Irish, Portuguese or Italians. What are the boundaries of racism after all?
One thing is to demand better treatment for your own. A different thing is to reject any foreign elements in the country. In the job market that approach is already widespread, causing EU citizens to be discriminated when they are applying for positions in EU countries other than the one of their own. Some nations tend to appropriate what is foreign from a materialistic perspective, but to reject whoever is foreign from a human perspective. You cant have only the best half of the pie, can you?
As to what the Slovak extremists concerns, one word of advise: you already had a long period in History where everything foreign was denied and excluded… it was called Communism, remember? It didn’t do that well..

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